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Reach your customers with ease from over 100 fulfillment centers worldwide



Fulfiling your sales orders with Elogistic is simple. You will use our proprietary software across our fulfillment network for a cohesive experience. Orders are automatically sent to our fulfillment centers, where inventory is picked, packed, and shipped to your customers.

01 Setup

Send us your requirements, we will help you to connect your store or ERPs to our systems by using our API integration documentation.

02 Ship

Apply bar codes to each product following our requirements, upload the quantity of each product you’re shipping to us via our system, and ship your products to Elogistics fulfillment center.

03 On Shelf

Once we receive your products, your shipments will be shelved within 72 hours to get them ready to be pick & packed. You can check the processing status of your products on Elogistic system.

04 Orders In

Being fully integrated with your online shop we will acquire new orders every 15 minutes from your E-commerce platform, then outbound order will processed and ready in 24 hours. This automated process eases your workload and increases efficiency.

05 Pick, Pack & Ship

We will pick your product from the shelf according to the order, then using the appropriate packaging pack the item. We will then apply a shipping label to get it ready to be dispatched by a courier of your choice from the system. A tracking email can also be sent to your customer if required.

06 Delivery

Competitive market pricing of last mile logistics services help you control your cost. Fast and accurate deliveries enhance your customer’s shopping experience, resulting in repeat purchases.Return & replace service provided by us ease your work for after-sales experience.


Elogistic is a leading e-commerce fulfillment service provider that offers comprehensive, high-standard and customized supply chain solutions including warehousing and cargo transportation. Founded by Zongteng Group, Elogistic has over 4,000 active customers and operates currently over 30 fulfillment centers in USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Australia and China. The total warehouse space measures up to 7,000,000 square feet. We continuously improve our overseas warehouse services through automation and innovative distribution systems. We strive to help you expand your cross-border e-commerce business!